Feb 6, 2021

Let's do the time warp!

Ever since there are walls, there is wall decoration. And every era has its own definitive style and characteristics. Just one look at a piece of wall art, and you know immediately which period of time you're looking at. 

And that's the power of wallpaper: Instant time travel!

A great example of this phenomenon is this photo that we received from one of our Etsy clients (Yes, Inke's vintage wallpaper is also available on Etsy!)

The 035 vintage wallpaper from Inke's Wallpaper Shop is the star of this cosy retro-styled interior. Bring out the fondue!

A big thanks to Verane for sharing this picture.

Feb 5, 2021

Wallpaper Tree in Alina's room.

As you might know, Inke's wallpaper designs are also available via retailers all around the world. Many of them we are working with for lots and lots of years.

One of these pioneers is Kinderzimmerträume from Heidelberg, Germany (Hi Sandra :)). Here you can check the showroom books for examples of Inke's designs and see how they look in real life. The friendly staff will gladly help you out planning and designing your unique children's room. 

And how this may turn out? Take a look at this beautiful room in glorious pink, featuring Inke's wallpaper Tree #1 (April 074). What really exemplifies the timeless design and interior skills of the people from Kinderzimmerträume, is that this wallpaper tree has been on Alina's wall for over 10 years. The interior design of the room has grown along with her, so to speak.

Thank you Sandra, and Alina of course for sharing these pictures!


Steubenstraße 45

69121 Heidelberg, Germany.


Jan 3, 2021

Hello world!

Congratulations to Jessica and René with their beautiful baby Roan!

All babies are special of course, but Roan is just a little more special because the picture is taken in front of Inke's Wallpaper Tree #3.