Mar 30, 2012

Kids Magazine (Cannes FR)

Congratulations to the Kids Magazine team on their beautiful first issue of the magazine - we are very happy that Inke's designs are featured prominently in it - hat-tip to as well :)

Shown in the images are Wallpaper Tree #1 April 074 (silver trunk) and the Giraffe 050.

Mar 26, 2012

Little Michèle et Noelle (Corsica, France)

From the beautiful isle of Corsica (FR), we received these great pictures of the very stylish and classy boutique "Little Michèle et Noele". (Photography by Letizia Nicolini)

You can find the store at 33BD Paoli, Bastia, Corse (or online via their Facebook page)

Wallpaper Tree at Northern Sky (Japan)

More great imagery from the land of the rising sun.

Fore some years we are working together with the wonderful and inspirational people from Northern Sky ltd. They often find inventive ways to use Inke's designs, and this fine example of a Wallpaper tree #1 September 075 is no exception.

What's so special about this particular tree, is that the interior designer in charge decided to wrap the tree around an outside corner - with great result!

This way you aren't constrained to a wall that fits the standard dimensions of the tree  260x200cm (HxW).

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Inke in Vogue (Japan edition)

Wow, the birds really are "In Vogue" these days!

Today we received a copy of the Japanese Vogue, and in the Angels-supplement (sort of a Vogue-Kids), the birdies - and the Birdhouse Lamp - were selected for this interior-inspiration article.

It never ceases to amaze me that Inke's designs end up in all these fantastic magazines all over the world. Makes one feel proud!

Nice to see our good friends from Kids on Roof are there as well with their 3D-Tree.

Mar 22, 2012

Volare! (Vogue Italia - march 2012 issue)

This little wallpaper bird found its way into the Italian edition of Vogue magazine.


Mar 15, 2012

All4Family (AT)

Great article on designing your nursery in the March-issue of the Austrian magazine All4Family!

Mar 12, 2012

Now online! The brand new INKE.NL website.

After months of preparation, we have finally uploaded the brand spanking new version of!

We are very happy with the result so far. In the next days we will add more content and will iron out all the bugs we will definitely hear about. But for now we are extremely exited that it's finally done.

Thanks to Robert for his fantastic work!!

Mar 2, 2012

Best of the Web: Be @ Home # 57

Finally recognition after all these years of blogging!

The Inke-Blog has been selected for this weeks' Best-of-the-Web at  Be @ Home (the home and kitchen-blog at the massive shopping portal

Okay okay, you'll have to scroll down 4 articles - but hey! ;)

New Photos!

Over the last weeks, Inke has made some nice new pictures of her latest designs: The Dinosaurs (yes, they are finally coming!) and the special edition Wallpaper Tree, aptly named: Wallpaper Tree #1 special 188

Also shown here, the birdhouse lamp, and wall decal "Deer" in a vintage textile wallpaper.

Decal on the wall is "Brontosaurus" - In the front the "Stegosaurus" decal, which has been transformed into a school-board (a nice DIY-Project!)

Detail of the school-board Stego...

The wallpaper Deer and Dinosaur-decals are  - for the time being - exclusively available via the INKE-Retailers.

(Hi-res versions for press use are available at our Image bank - link provided at request)

Mar 1, 2012

Colora Magazine (BE)

In Colora magazine van deze maand kun je weer volop inspiratie opdoen voor je babykamer!

De Behangboom #2 Oktober 126 komt prachtig uit met de kleuren van Colora op de achtergrond... informeer bij een winkel in de buurt over de verkrijgbaarheid van deze mooie combinatie.