Feb 6, 2021

Let's do the time warp!

Ever since there are walls, there is wall decoration. And every era has its own definitive style and characteristics. Just one look at a piece of wall art, and you know immediately which period of time you're looking at. 

And that's the power of wallpaper: Instant time travel!

A great example of this phenomenon is this photo that we received from one of our Etsy clients (Yes, Inke's vintage wallpaper is also available on Etsy!)

The 035 vintage wallpaper from Inke's Wallpaper Shop is the star of this cosy retro-styled interior. Bring out the fondue!

A big thanks to Verane for sharing this picture.

Feb 5, 2021

Wallpaper Tree in Alina's room.

As you might know, Inke's wallpaper designs are also available via retailers all around the world. Many of them we are working with for lots and lots of years.

One of these pioneers is Kinderzimmerträume from Heidelberg, Germany (Hi Sandra :)). Here you can check the showroom books for examples of Inke's designs and see how they look in real life. The friendly staff will gladly help you out planning and designing your unique children's room. 

And how this may turn out? Take a look at this beautiful room in glorious pink, featuring Inke's wallpaper Tree #1 (April 074). What really exemplifies the timeless design and interior skills of the people from Kinderzimmerträume, is that this wallpaper tree has been on Alina's wall for over 10 years. The interior design of the room has grown along with her, so to speak.

Thank you Sandra, and Alina of course for sharing these pictures!


Steubenstraße 45

69121 Heidelberg, Germany.


Jan 3, 2021

Hello world!

Congratulations to Jessica and René with their beautiful baby Roan!

All babies are special of course, but Roan is just a little more special because the picture is taken in front of Inke's Wallpaper Tree #3.

Nov 17, 2020

A dinosaur from the ceiling to the floor.

It's always great to see how talented people create beautiful interiors with our designs. Case presented: This timeless children's room by french interior designer Constance Gardès, featuring Inke's dino wall print. 

The wall print is part of the collection XL wall coverings, printed on high-quality non-woven. The prints are easy to apply to the wall and come in various sizes.

A collaboration for Maison Creative magazine (FR) by interior architect Constance Gardès (@lovely_market_deco) from Lovely Market and stylist Christine Pirot Hébras.

Photo by Frenchie Cristogatin.

Nov 3, 2020

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye...

We received this lovely image from one of our dear clients, with the following question: "We are moving and our daughter is so sad that she can't take her tree with her... is it possible to re-make this version?"

Although this particular model (Tree #1 June 064) has been out of the collection for years (at this point this could be considered a vintage design!), we did manage to find enough of the wallpaper to recreate this version. Unfortunately this is the very last bit of pattern 064 we could find, so for us it's a sort of a good-bye as well 😢 

A big big thanks to Juliët for sending in this great picture, this really means a lot to us!

May 18, 2020

Major update inkeheiland.com

We have decided to overhaul the inkeheiland.com website in order to have a better place to showcase our designs and work. New features coming soon!

Mar 4, 2020

Vintage Wallpapers at The Old Cinema London

We're happy to introduce The Old Cinema in London as one of the places where you can buy our vintage wallpapers. This beautiful store in the heart of London features over 10.000 square feet of rare vintage interiors, home accessories and now also a selection of period wallpapers to go with your favourite piece of furniture.

160 Chiswick High Road
Open Monday to Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sundays (& Bank Holidays): 12 - 5pm
Tel: 020 8995 4166

Feb 11, 2020

2020 Catalogue Wall Prints by Inke

The brand new 2020 catalogue of wall prints by Inke is now available online as a digital lookbook. Always featuring the latest designs and including a convenient free swatch service.

The catalogue will be updated regularly every time a new wallpaper design comes out. Wall prints by Inke are available at selected dealers worldwide, or online at www.wallprint.shop (free worldwide shipping).

Jan 29, 2020

Jan 22, 2020

Showcase of wall prints by Inke

We made a short video showcasing the wall print collection by Inke - These beautiful wall filling murals on non-woven wallpaper are available at www.wallprint.shop. Perfect for your kids' room or nursery.

Jan 9, 2020

Happy 2020

From all of us at Inke, we wish you a very happy, healthy and wonderful 2020.
Let's make this a good one!

We are starting the decade with a beautiful addition to the popular "Forest" series of the wall print collection.

Forest February (IK2200).
Soft neutral tones for a calm and soothing atmosphere.
Available in three standard sizes (customisation possible - contact us!):


Sep 24, 2019

Inke Tapetenbäume für Kindertagesstätte Mannheim

Tapetenbäume von Inke Heiland eignen sich hervorragend zur Dekoration von Kindertagesstätten. Das phantasievolle Design der Bäume schafft eine ruhige und doch farbenfrohe Atmosphäre. 

Danke an das Team von Kinderzimmerträume und Kindertagesstätte Unionstraße Mannheim.

Inke Tapetenbaum #2 Sept 126
Inke Tapetenbaum #2 Mei 126
Inke Tapetenbaum #2 Juni 126

Sep 19, 2019

Maisons du Maroc (With special thanks to the Wonderland team)

In this months issue of Maisons du Maroc, a great presentation of Inke's wallpaper Dinosaurs:

This fantastic wall design was made possible thanks to our dear friends from Wonderland Casablanca - they always have great ideas with the wallpaper silhouettes and this time they really surpassed themselves!

Featured in this picture are Inke's wallpaper dinosaurs, hand made from chalkboard wallpaper on a beautiful background color. These prehistoric creatures are available in many different patterns, so the possibilities to get creative with your wall design are endless.

Sep 18, 2019

BIG update on Inke's WallPrint.Shop (and a 20% Discount)

Some major improvements made on our website for Inke's murals on fleece wallpaper:

Changes include: More & bigger images, easier checkout, a chat function for all your questions and of course new designs.

And to celebrate this update, we offer a 20% discount until October 31st on all purchases. Use the coupon code WPS20 with your order!

Go check it out now - We'd love to hear what you think!

Sep 6, 2019

Oh Noooo!! The Aliens Keep On Coming!

The invasion from outer space isn't over yet!

Wave after wave of these adorable little creatures keep landing in our studio...
And it's getting a little crowded so we decided to stack them on top of each other:

These brand new designs are available in 3 color schemes:

Standard sizes:
200x280cm / 300x280cm / 400x280cm

(customization possible)

The murals are printed on high quality fleece (non woven) and are easy to apply and remove. Inke's wall prints are available at www.wallprint.shop and via stores worldwide.

Project by Entre Cha et Ra at Kerpape hospital (FR)

Our dear friends at Entre Cha et Ra (Lorient, France) have recently been working on a project at the local hospital Kerpape in order to create a friendly atmosphere in the treatment rooms for children.

For this they have used a series of wall prints by Inke and created lots of wallpaper silhouettes themselves with the unique and colourful wallpapers from our vintage and contemporary collection.

We are positive that the children will feel much more comfortable compared to the typical sterile atmosphere you normally find in hospitals.

Aug 7, 2019

Roomy Kids Interior Magazine - August 2019

Many thanks to Roomy magazine (UK) for featuring Inke's work in this month's issue. Themed: "It's a Match", the article shows that different styles can complement each other perfectly. Great for shared children's rooms.

The left page features our classic Giraffe Wall Decal - hand made from authentic wallpaper and available in many patterns. On the right page, you can see Inke's Rocket mural - these enormous wall filling prints on fleece are easy to apply and available in many color schemes and sizes.

Jul 8, 2019

LUNA Brand Bible 2019-2020

The new LUNA Brand Bible is out, with the best of Innovation and Design labels for 2019/2020. You can find Inke's work at pages 48-49.

Yes we know that the world map has flipped ;)

Featured in the article are Inke's wallpaper decals, birdhouse lamp, the play house and our latest murals on non woven (available at our new website: wallprint.shop)

Jun 20, 2019

Esteve Interiorisme (Barcelona)

So nice to stumble upon one of our wallpapers in the wild... great project by Esteve Interiorisme from Barcelona, and wonderful use of the Wallprint Rocket Green!

This design is available at Inke's Wallprint.Shop - use the discount code WPSINKE to get 15% off! (Free shipping)

Jun 3, 2019

The Aliens Are Coming!

The aliens have invaded our studio - and they're just adorable!

These cute little creatures are featured in our latest series of wall prints: Out of Space.
The murals are available in 3 standard sizes (customization possible):

The designs are printed on high quality fleece (non woven) and are easy to apply and remove.

The complete wall print collection by Inke is available in stores worldwide, and via
Inke's wallprint.shop.

(Use discount code WPSINKE to get a 15% discount on all designs at the wallprint.shop!)

May 31, 2019

Feeling Home

As a child, moving to a new house can be exciting, but also a bit scary. Especially the first times sleeping in a strange new bedroom, with all the unfamiliar sounds and shadows. So when we heard that Sofie's daughter really missed her beloved wallpaper tree and couldn't sleep without it, we were glad that we were able to re-create the exact same tree for her. Hopefully now she can sleep well again, having her old friend back in her room.

Apr 4, 2019

Play room at Blooming Hotel, Bergen NL (Via Archello)

Nice placement of Wallpaper Tree #2 in the children's playroom at the beautiful Blooming hotel in Bergen (NL). This project by Studio Stoerrr is from a while ago, but we were just attended to it via Archello - repository of architectural design.

Mar 25, 2019

Inke's Tapetenfiguren @ Kinderarzt Domenig (Austria)

Congratulations to Dr. Oliver Domenig and his team on the opening of their brand new practice for children in Zams, Austria. We are very happy to see that Inke's Wallpaper Animals and Wallpaper Trees are featured prominently in the hallways and treatment rooms, giving the whole interior a very children-friendly atmosphere.

Mar 6, 2019

Nous aimons Entre Cha et Ra! (Lorient, France)

Great discount actions at Entre Cha et Ra (Loriënt, France) - also on Inke's wall prints. Check out the blog: http://www.entrechaetra-blog.com/archives/2019/02/16/37105280.html

Jan 15, 2019

Inke World Map @ Lovely Market (France)

Via #lovelymarket

Check Inke's designs on the Lovely Market.

Jan 3, 2019

Discover Benelux Magazine (Jan 2019)

Fresh start of the year with a nice mentioning in Discover Benelux Magazine. Featured are the Wallpaper Elephant 013 and the Baby Elephant 022.

Nov 29, 2018

Home Magazine (Italia)

The Forest Wall Print was featured in this month's "Home" magazine (Italia).... Fantastico! :)

Kudos to the great people from Baby Bottega (Firenze) who made this possible.