Mar 26, 2011

Welcome on board: Rockett St. George

Let's hope Inke's designs will go like a rocket at Rockett St George :)

The site is filled to the brim with lots of cool designs. We are happy to be a little part of it!

Mar 24, 2011

Welkom aan boord: Zjoe Zjoe!

Een fantastisch mooi voorbeeld van de Behangboom #1 september 126 (textielprint stam, groene bladerkroon) is sinds kort te zien in Zjoe zjoe Kinderwinkel in Breda.

Je wordt daar graag verder geholpen met het uitzoeken en bestellen van jouw favoriete behangsilhouet. Een stalenboek met voorbeelden is aanwezig, dus je kunt vele beschikbare behangpatronen met eigen ogen bewonderen.

Mar 14, 2011

Treespotting: The Kidsboutik-Blog

On the left: A wallpaper tree #1 april 066 - spotted by The Kidsboutik Blog.

Welcome on board: Gutesbuybonn

We are very happy to welcome Gutesbuybonn to our dealer network. Gutesbuybonn is very well sorted and has a wide range of Inke designs on offer.

Mar 6, 2011

Egg magazine (FR)

Nice article in the latest Egg magazine! On page 34 you can find an image of the Wallpaper Tree #1 Juni 074 (silver trunk).

I have to polish up my French, but my guess is the article says you should go to Pouic Land if you want to get hold of such a beautiful tree.

If so, they are absolutely right!

Credit where credit is due: The image used in the article is made by Lilli Mandarine (BE)

Mar 5, 2011

Win a Monkey + Branch at Mum is Geek

For French mum's to be, "Mum is Geek" is the place to be online!

Lots and lots of useful info, advice and the latest trends. And now also the chance to win a Monkey+Branch.

(entries close at 11 march)

Bonne chance!

Mar 3, 2011

Welcome on board: Love Lit Kids

In the beautiful city of Grenoble (France) you can find the wonderful boutique Love Lit Kids.

At 6, allée Aloyzi Kospicki you can now see a beautiful selection of wallpaper silhouettes in real life. And even better: the people there will gladly help you order your favorite designs from the sample book.

Room to Bloom

Another good example of a very stylish nursery by interior designer Ursula Wesselingh (Room to Bloom - London UK).

What's so great about her work is that you can often find a good mix between vintage and new designs in her interiors. We are very happy that Inke's wallpaper silhouettes fit into this philosophy as well.

Shown on this picture is a Wallpaper Tree #1 April 126 (textured trunk)

Milchzähne Praxis - More pictures!

...we have some more fantastic pictures to share about the project interior designer Julia Aulenbacher did for Milchzähne Praxis, Frankfurt Germany.

Here they are:

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Mar 1, 2011

Milchzähne Praxis - Frankfurt Germany

(Click to enlarge)

I wish this dentistry was located in Leiden. My kids would be begging to have their teeth checked. Way better than bribing them with candy as we have to do now ;)

These amazing pictures were sent to us by interior designer Julia Aulenbacher, (Brooklyn, NY/Frankfurt DE) - who works on both sides of the Atlantic. On this particular project Julia worked together with Dr. med. dent Catharina Steuer to create this stunning interior.

They really went all-out on this. And it's fantastic to see the Inke's wallpaper silhouettes in such a great setting. Just a quick look on the pictures show designs by Vitra, Carl Hansen and Kvadrat fabrics, so we're in good company to say the least.

Thank you very much Julia for sending us these pictures, hopefully we can post some work from you again in the future!