Nov 25, 2013

New: Templates for envelopes.

A great gift idea for the holiday season! Make your own original envelopes with this handy DIY-Template. Within seconds, you can turn any DIN A4 paper into a unique envelope. And to get you started, the template comes with 15 sheets of authentic wallpaper (sets of 25 sheets sold separately).

The templates and sheets are available via the Inke resellers.

Adieu Wallpaper Tree Special 188 :((

It is always a bit sad to say goodbye to a particular wallpaper, but especially so with the 188 pattern.

When we introduced the Wallpaper Tree Special 188, we could not imagine how popular this design would ultimately become to be. But alas - having vintage wallpapers in the collection means that the supply is limited, so we now reach the time to discontinue the 188 wallpaper.

Fortunately, we still have pictures :) With big thanks also to Ilona, who was kind enough to share these photo's of one of the last Special 188 trees:

(stay tuned for more news on Inke Wallpaper Trees)

Nov 18, 2013

El Osito Azul @ Mi Casa Magazine

The team from  El Osito Azul (Madrid, Spain) shared these wonderful pictures with us from the upcoming Mi Casa magazine.

Lots of Inke-designs in this pink themed room! The flowered wallpaper is pattern 118 (exclusively made for Inke). This wallpaper is also used in the Elephant wall decal,

The tree shown in the picture is Wallpaper Tree #2 April 075 (golden trunk).

And of course a beautiful, hand made Inke birdhouse lamp to really finish things off.

All these designs are available at El Osito Azul:

Nuñez de balboa 53
Telefono: 916 36 01 90

Nov 11, 2013

Tapetenblog (Germany)

A nice mentioning of Inke's designs at the renowned Tapetenblog - the central point for wallpaper professionals in Germany.

(scroll down to the end of the article)

Nov 6, 2013

The Stork is Coming!

The Stork is Coming features an Inke Wallpaper Elephant 117 on this great post about wall decals for boys and girls rooms.

For parents to be, The Stork is Coming is definitely a bookmark-worthy blog!

Wonderland TV

Live from Casablanca: A look inside the Wonderland Kids Concept Store - with a special appearance of an Inke Wallpaper Tree  at 3:05