Apr 24, 2015

Creative use of patchwork wallpaper...

Some colorful kites made from Inke's Patchwork Wallpaper:

Thanks to Pauline for sending this in!

Inke Wallpaper Tree @ Brooke Tredwell Photography

...great pictures of a beautiful nursery. And a nice spot for Inke's Wallpaper Tree!

Apr 21, 2015

Birdhouse Lamp

The newest series of Inke's Birdhouse Lamps are now being assembled...

Apr 15, 2015

Viva Mama mei / juni 2015

Thanks a lot Viva Mama :)

Apr 2, 2015

New website for Mamaka (Greece)

Mamaka and Inke go way back, so it's really nice to see the brand new website online - and what a beauty it is!

Showroom :  Parmenidou 27, 11636 Athens, Greece.