Jan 30, 2012

Architectural Digest (DE)

Great publication in the February-Issue of Architectural Digest (German edition). The wall decal shown here is the Inke Giraffe 0114.

Now Online: My Little Room

Congratulations to the My Little Room-Team with the launch of their fantastic new site! My Little Room is the first contemporary design e-store for kids' rooms in Switzerland.

They have a wide choice of great labels available, and we are extremely happy to be a part of it.

Welcome on board: La Petite Souris Verte

A very creative wat to apply a Wallpaper Tree! You can admire this one in real life at the beautiful "La Petite Souris Verte" Boutique in the center of Brussels. We are very happy that Inke's designs are available there!

Rue Middelbourg 
421170 Brussels Belgium

Jan 28, 2012

Pattern 007 down to the last reserves

(wallpaper tree#1, trunk 007)

The consequence of working with authentic vintage (and limited available) wallpapers, is that one day, patterns tend to run out.

So it's my sad duty to announce the departure from our collection of the well beloved Pattern 007. This pattern is one of the longest running designs here at Inke and originates from the 'Onszelf'-collection.

(Cue sad trombone...)

Anyway - this means if you were holding out ordering an Inke Wallpaper Tree in the 007 pattern like this one (Tree #1 September 007):

...be quick to check a retailer nearby for availability!

Jan 26, 2012

Elephant 120 @ Galerie Co (Canada)

Check out this wonderful display of Inke Wall Decals at the fantastic Galerie-Co store in Montreal Canada. They have a great collection of animal silhouettes in stock - come and get them while they're still there!!

Galerie CO

5235 St-Laurent blvd
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2T 1S4

Jan 24, 2012


This is definitely one of the most stylish kids' rooms I have ever seen...

The interior was designed by the very creative people from Kids Love Design (FR). It is really amazing to see an Inke Wallpaper Tree in a setting like this: Lots of contemporary Dutch classics - makes us feel proud to be featured in the same picture.

Shown here is a Wallpaper Tree #1 April 074 (Silver-hued trunk) on a medium grey wall, which makes a very subtle effect.

You can order the tree here. Or if you have the chance, visit the showroom (and say 'Hi' from us :))

Kids Love Design
114 rue Fontaine .
01220 Divonne-les-bains

Jan 19, 2012

1000th order

Just before Christmas our 1000th order batch went out to the DZB Leiden.

This community workshop is taking care of the production of our wallpaper silhouettes for almost 5 years now. We are very happy with this cooperation and we are extremely proud of our team of cutters!
Thank you all for your support!!!

Jan 18, 2012

New showroom for Kinderwelt - Bremen (DE)

We congratulate the Kinderwelt-Team, not only with their new showroom in the center of Bremen (Germany), but also with their brand new website: www.das-kindergeschaeft.de!

Kinderwelt – Alles für Ihr Kind UG
Benquestraße 64 28209 Bremen

Jan 16, 2012

A wallpaper tree goes a long way (JA-Kids, DE)

Today we received these two pictures made in the same room over a period of time. What's so great about these photo's is that they show perfectly how an INKE wallpaper tree can last a very long time - from nursery to stylish kids' room.

These rooms were both styled by JA-Kids (Germany), their team is well renowned for their great advice and they really go the extra mile to create an unique interior. It's not just your regular e-store!

La Scatola Bianca

Great use of a wallpaper branch here at La Scatola Bianca (Via Dante 31, Corato Italia).

We like the way these wallpaper birds are scattered all over the place :)

Jan 13, 2012

Styling by Kids Factory

We are very proud of the fact that - practically from day one - Inke's designs are featured in some of the style-rooms at the Kids Factory stores. Their team always does a great job with these rooms, and you can find lots and lots of inspiration there.

Needless to say we are very happy to share these great pictures of interiors they created!

So if you are looking for a one-stop place to get everything you need for your nursery and beyond (including the best advice) the Kids Factory is definitely the place to be.

Jan 6, 2012

Onze Flavourites-Pagina is vernieuwd

Sinds Flavourites online ging, staan we met een eigen INKE pagina op deze site vermeld en door de jaren heen hebben vele mensen ons via dit virtuele uithangbord weten te vinden.

Tijd dus om die pagina van wat nieuw beeldmateriaal te voorzien!

Jan 3, 2012

Wallpaper tree in playroom

Donatella from The Kids Boutik (Milano, Italy) sent us this photo of a wallpaper tree #2 april 066 - taken in her kid's playroom.

Looks like a very cozy corner!