Jun 30, 2010

Inke shop at Fantasyroom

This really is amazing - the wonderful people from Fantasyroom went through great lengths in creating this special Inke webstore within the Fantasyroom store. We are extremely grateful for the confidence in Inke's designs, and we hope this special section will be very successful.


Pouic Land - encore un fois!

Congratulations to Audrey with the opening of yet another Pouic Land boutique in the beautiful town of Albi dans le Tarn, France.

We are very proud to be a little part of this store as well - c'est formidable :)

Jun 28, 2010

Canaries VS Lions

Illustrations by Elies van der Linden

...and another dear friend of ours started a great new site - check out Elies' work here. (or better yet: Buy it here)

It's fantastic to see all this creativity going on in our circle of friends!

Jun 18, 2010


Just fresh in our mailbox the news that Simone van Maurik launched her new website BIGontwerpt. Simone designs great interiors: Domestic, theatrical and for businesses. Check out her work here, or her blog here.

Congrats Simone!!

Jun 16, 2010

Kid's Wear Department

Lots of thanks to Kidswear Magazine for mentioning the brand new Baby Elephant on the Kidswear Department Site. And congratulations on the stunning 30st edition of the magazine :)

Jun 10, 2010

Pillows That Spell Whimsy

Check out this great piece in the New York Times on the pillows of Marianne van Ooij!

Jun 9, 2010

Style Sleuth

And there's more Canada-related news today - we just received this fantastic article on the fabulous Style Sleuth Blog. Thanks Brett!!!

Alexander McKenzie & The Underpaid in Paradiso

Our dear Canadian friend Lori and her band "Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid" are going to perform at Paradiso (THE pop-venue in Amsterdam) on 15 June. Wow!!

Jun 8, 2010

People often ask...

My wall is higher than 2.60M. Can I still fit a Wallpaper tree?

Yes you can. The little "hill" is made out of wallpaper 066. If your room is over 2.6 meter high and you need to place the tree a bit higher, this is a perfect way to do so (or you can request some additional wallpaper in the same pattern as the trunk so you can make the tree itself a bit longer).

Photo courtesy of Moki Store (ES)

Jun 7, 2010


Last week we visited Bopita's yearly trade show - very well organized, and a very clean and fresh collection. We had the honor to supply some wall decals for the rooms, plus there were some Bopita beds made with the Inke/Taftan linen.

All in all we had a great morning plus it was nice to see some familiar faces in the process!

Jun 3, 2010

Room to bloom

If you're living in the London area and you want to leave the decoration of your nursery to a trained professional, you should definitely check out Room to Bloom. Beautiful work!!

Image: Ursula Wesselingh - Room to Bloom