Oct 29, 2010

Annette Galinski: "Das Musterbuch"

That was a great surprise yesterday, opening the mailbox!

The "Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt" just published "Das Musterbuch" (the pattern-book) by Annette Galinski.

It's a beautiful collection of all kind of patterns we find nowadays in our interior: Wallpaper, tiles, textile...

Such an honor that we are part of it!

Oct 19, 2010

"colours of the season"

Today I found the 'Living at home' magazine (no.11) in the mail. Thanks for the beautiful picture from our birdhouse lamp!

Oct 15, 2010

Sunday oct 17th book signing @ Kinderboekenmarkt (den Haag)

As a part of the closing manifestation of the Kinderboekenweek, loads of writers and illustrators will be present at the Kinderboekenmarkt to sign their work. Our publisher David en Goliat has a stand there too (28) and I(nke) will be there as well.

Oct 5, 2010

Langeland Hospital Zoetermeer (NL)

The children's pediatric ward of the Langeland hospital Zoetermeer (NL) asked us if we could color-up the new waiting-room and all the 8 treatment rooms.

Together with the staff, we decided to assign each room a different animal theme so the children can go to the Elephant room or the Giraffe room (in stead of the boring/scary treatment room 1, 2, 3...)

At the desk, the kids receive a card with an animal on it so they can easily find the room where they have an appointment. In the hall, they can compare the outlines on the door with the card they are holding and when they enter the room, they find the actual wallpaper silhouette inside.

In the waiting room we created some XXL versions of the wallpaper silhouettes on panels. All in all a great result!

Mami Decora

The wonderful Mami Decora site (Spain) featured a great article on Inke's wallpaper silhouettes.

Muchos Graçias!

Oct 1, 2010

Welcome on board: Goed van Doen

Inke's designs are now available in the brand new Belgian online store "Goed van Doen" Their main focus is to operate environmental friendly. Not only in the articles they sell, but also in the way they act. From the site:

Anyway, GOEDvandoen heeft dus ook een bakfiets. En daar worden indrukwekkend veel kilometers mee gereden. Zowel voor persoonlijke doeleinden als voor de business. Want alle pakjes vervoeren wij uiteraard per bakfiets naar de post, dat spreekt.

(For you non-Dutch speakers out there: they use a cargo bike for transportation).

It's nice to see we are not the only ones!: