Dec 23, 2010

Poly-Color @ Woonestetika

A wallpaper monkey 071 and baby elephant 023 were featured prominently last month in the Poly-Color stand at the Woonestetika fair in Genk, Belgium. Great Pic!

Dec 16, 2010

vt wonen december 2010

We are very surprised and proud to find a photo of an INKE wallpaper tree in the december edition
of the dutch interior magazine "vt wonen". The beautiful picture is taken in the sleeping room of Juliëtte.

Shown on the image is Wallpaper tree #1 April 074 (silver trunk).

Dec 14, 2010

Best. Video. Ever!

I can't stop watching this great video from Japan!

Arigato Masa and friends!!!

Marianne van Ooij @ MAD (NYC)

Every Tuesday until the end of February, Marianne van Ooij will be working on the 6th floor on dinnerware and digitally printed textiles at the Museum of Arts and Design as residential artist for the Open Studio Program.

This program is to give visitors a chance to get a behind-the-scenes view of the artistic practice, as well a to provide artists with a state-of-the-art studio where they will be actively working.

Follow Marianne's progress, as well of that of the other artists via the Museum blog.

Or better, stop by!

Dec 12, 2010

Awesome dollhouse wallpaper tree

This little piece of ingenuity was sent to us by Anna from Gaudete Kids (Helsinki).

Sunna, one of their clients, used some extra bits of the wallpaper to create this amazing little wallpaper tree for a dollhouse.

The life size wallpaper tree #1 doesn't look too bad in the "real" children's room either!

Proper respect to Sunna for this fantastic idea!

Dec 10, 2010

Guys, you are blocking the tree! II

We just received these pictures from the opening of Yellow Basket, Torino. What a turnout! Stay tuned for more pics...

Dec 5, 2010

Get your boots on: Sliet Landscape experience

Our dear friend Elly attended us to this great project - Sliet Landscape experience. For all you city dwellers who want to get in touch with their inner country-side, this is something for you.

Next event is december 11th - highly recommended!

Nov 30, 2010


Something I have always suspected, turns out to be fact: Applying "Fragile!" stickers to your parcel is more of a challenge than a warning.

From the article:

One disheartening result was that our package received more abuse when marked "Fragile" or "This Side Up." The carriers flipped the package more, and it registered above-average acceleration spikes during trips for which we requested careful treatment.

(the comments on the article are full of examples as well)

Sidenote: Paul and I came up with a similar idea for an experiment last year to send an accelerometer with a GPS module in a parcel around the world and see what the readouts would be. Never came to it, so we are glad Popular Mechanics did this test for us!

Nov 29, 2010

Welcome on board: Kartonjatek (Hungary)

We are extremely happy to welcome the Hungarian store Kartonjatek to our list of resellers.

They offer a complete range of INKE designs - go check it out if you're Hungarian!

Nov 28, 2010

Ambient Ljubljana

Earlier this month, at the Ambient Ljubljana Furniture fair (Slovenia), Silvia from Sisi presented a beautiful table together with famous slovenian dress designer Almira Sadar.

Used at the backdrop of the stand: Wallpaper Tree #2 Mei 075.

Nov 23, 2010

Treespotting: Nudge Eco Store

Anu from Matteriashop sent us this photo from the brand new Nudge Eco Store (Helsinki) where a Wallpaper Tree #2 April 074 (silver) is featured quite prominently!

More on the Nudge opening here and here.

Funky Rhino err... Lama!

Belgian E-Store Funky Lama made an offline appearance on the Petit Bazaar expo last weekend.

Thanks for sending the pics!

Nov 18, 2010


Голландская компания Inke Heiland выпустила целую серию аппликаций с забавными силуэтами животных. Вырезать из обоев бумажный зоопарк пришла в голову дизайнеру Инке Хайланд, когда она оформляла комнату для своего сына.

New Papers (sneak preview)

Jiphijahey: Paul and Jeroen just came back with a container full of "new" vintage wallpapers!

We will do our very best to quickly organise them into our warehouse / studio, scan and number them.
Hopefully we can put  the wallpapers online in the beginning of december!

New Showroom for "De Speelkamer" (Oegstgeest, NL)

A while ago, our dear friends from "De Speelkamer" moved their shop to a bigger showroom next door. I only just got around to download this picture I snapped with my phone:
The new place looks fantastic and is a perfect place to show their wonderful collection. Personally I am quite happy with the way the wallpaper tree
#2 sept 126 turned out :)

Terweeweg 54 C
2341 CS Oegstgeest (NL)

Nov 15, 2010

Welcome on board: Greener Abode (UK)

Just in: Greener Abode have their site online - and it looks awesome! So if you're into green sustainable design - check out Inke's designs at Greener Abode!

Nov 14, 2010

Welcome on board: Cosy Kids

New in Belgium: Cosy Kids! This online store started by Ilse and Bruno focuses on original, sustainable and creative designs - and we are happy that we are part of it!

Nov 8, 2010

Congratulations Fantasyroom

A bit late but we want to congratulate the team of Fantasyroom (Lörrach, Germany) with the awesome job they did on their new showroom. Just look at these fantastic pictures:

I especially like the combination of the wallpaper tree #2 on the blue backdrop.

More pictures here. We're very proud to be a little part of it!

You can find Fantasyroom at the Meeraner Platz 1, Lörrach.

Welcome on board: JA KIDS

We are very happy to welcome JA Kids on board. What's different about this store is that they offer complete ideas for decorating your nursery and help you decide which items go together well.

Looking at the picture I think you'll be in capable hands!

Nov 1, 2010

Installing a wallpapertree

Installing an INKE Wallpaper Tree. Watch the video if you need a bit of assistance installing your wallpaper tree. Thanks to Jeroen and Paul!

Deco home

Again some publications in Germany. In the Deco Home Magazine nr. 5/2010.
Viele liebe Grüße!

Oct 29, 2010

Annette Galinski: "Das Musterbuch"

That was a great surprise yesterday, opening the mailbox!

The "Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt" just published "Das Musterbuch" (the pattern-book) by Annette Galinski.

It's a beautiful collection of all kind of patterns we find nowadays in our interior: Wallpaper, tiles, textile...

Such an honor that we are part of it!

Oct 19, 2010

"colours of the season"

Today I found the 'Living at home' magazine (no.11) in the mail. Thanks for the beautiful picture from our birdhouse lamp!

Oct 15, 2010

Sunday oct 17th book signing @ Kinderboekenmarkt (den Haag)

As a part of the closing manifestation of the Kinderboekenweek, loads of writers and illustrators will be present at the Kinderboekenmarkt to sign their work. Our publisher David en Goliat has a stand there too (28) and I(nke) will be there as well.

Oct 5, 2010

Langeland Hospital Zoetermeer (NL)

The children's pediatric ward of the Langeland hospital Zoetermeer (NL) asked us if we could color-up the new waiting-room and all the 8 treatment rooms.

Together with the staff, we decided to assign each room a different animal theme so the children can go to the Elephant room or the Giraffe room (in stead of the boring/scary treatment room 1, 2, 3...)

At the desk, the kids receive a card with an animal on it so they can easily find the room where they have an appointment. In the hall, they can compare the outlines on the door with the card they are holding and when they enter the room, they find the actual wallpaper silhouette inside.

In the waiting room we created some XXL versions of the wallpaper silhouettes on panels. All in all a great result!

Mami Decora

The wonderful Mami Decora site (Spain) featured a great article on Inke's wallpaper silhouettes.

Muchos Graçias!

Oct 1, 2010

Welcome on board: Goed van Doen

Inke's designs are now available in the brand new Belgian online store "Goed van Doen" Their main focus is to operate environmental friendly. Not only in the articles they sell, but also in the way they act. From the site:

Anyway, GOEDvandoen heeft dus ook een bakfiets. En daar worden indrukwekkend veel kilometers mee gereden. Zowel voor persoonlijke doeleinden als voor de business. Want alle pakjes vervoeren wij uiteraard per bakfiets naar de post, dat spreekt.

(For you non-Dutch speakers out there: they use a cargo bike for transportation).

It's nice to see we are not the only ones!:

Sep 29, 2010

Town Musicians of Bremen: The Movie

Our publisher David & Goliat created a YouTube channel called "Boekje Voorlezen" with animated versions of their line-up of children's books - and Inke's rendition of the "Bremer Stadsmuzikanten" can be found there as well. (Dutch only).

Go have a look!

Illustrations by Elies van der Linden

Our dear friend Elies has just launched her new webshop where you can buy her artwork. Frame it on your wall, or order a set of postcards to send to your friends!

(Elies is also a gifted graphic artist you can hire for brochures, posters, ads and what not)

Sep 24, 2010

New showroom for Gaudete Kids, Helsinki

For the people of Finland who have to endure the long upcoming winter, Inke's Wallpaper Trees are a great way to enjoy springtime all the year round!

So we are very happy that Gaudete Kids' beautiful new showroom at the Fredrikinkatu features a great example of a Wallpaper Tree April 075 (golden trunk).

An excellent opportunity for the people of Helsinki to get acquainted with Inke's designs - definitely worth a visit:

Gaudete Kids
Fredrikinkatu 35, Helsinki
T: +358 (0)40 585 5952

Sep 20, 2010

Birdhouse lamps: powered by Megaman

We are very happy to announce that from now on each Birdhouse lamp will be shipped with a hi-quality Megaman CFL-bulb (8W). These lights are shatter proof and are made without liquid mercury that you may find in generic CFL's.

Yamatuti, Bern (CH)

Yamatuti, one of the pioneers in selling Inke's wallpaper silhouettes, has just revamped their showroom and decorated it with loads of wallpaper animals.

The result is absolutely fantastic - this should really get the shoppers' attention!

Go pay them a visit when you're in the neighborhood - Yamatuti - Aarbergergasse 16-18, Bern, Switzerland.

Sep 16, 2010


Dutch magazine Santé did a series of portraits of people who work therapeutically with animals - and they used some of our silhouettes as a backdrop for the photography!

Sep 15, 2010

Treespotting at Inenom

Inenom (Zoetermeer, NL) now has a beautiful wallpaper tree up in their showroom. So if you're from the area, and want to purchase Inke's designs, Inenom is the place to go to!

Sep 8, 2010


Today we received these great pictures from the brand new ILOO&Co showroom in downtown Seoul. We are thrilled to be part of this - we wish the ILOO Team lots of success introducing Inke's designs to the Korean public.

Aug 26, 2010

Kids Love Design

Our dear friends from Kids love Design placed this great picture of Wallpaper tree #2 on their blog.

Thanks and keep sending these great pictures in everyone :)

Aug 25, 2010

The Town Musicians of Bremen

We are very thrilled by this. Our first children's book, Illustrated by Inke.

The Town Musicians of Bremen is a well-known tale by the Brothers Grimm and dates from 1812. The story is about four brave animals that take control of their own destiny.

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel have spent all their years working and one day discover that they are no longer wanted. The animals decide to take control of their own destiny and travel to Bremen in the hope of becoming musicians. The journey is long and the friends become tired. But in the forest a new adventure awaits them.

An adventure that fortunately ends well!

Adapted from the original tale by The Brothers Grimm, Illustrated by Inke Heiland and retold by Carolien Vader

You can see (and buy) the Dutch version on the website of the publisher David & Goliat.

The English and German version (also the Dutch) are available soon at For pre-orders, you can send us an email.

Price: € 14,95 - for children between 4 and 9. Hardcover, 24 pages, FSC paper. ISBN: 978-94-6150-002-1

Aug 19, 2010

Closed for the weekend

This weekend is our traditional company trip, so emails will be answered a bit later than you are used to. Orders will be taken in production as usual so there will be no delays in shipping.

We'll be back Monday the 23rd!

Aug 18, 2010

Simply Soles = simply fantastic!

(Click to enlarge)

These fantastic pics just came in - they're from the Simply Soles store in Washington, USA.

Just wow!

What's nice to mention about this particular tree is that the stylist has added two extra branches (sold seprately) to make room for more shoes. And the effect looks really great. Well done Kassie & Team!!!

Aug 13, 2010

Divaani magazine

Anu from Matteriashop / Finland arranged this publication in the Finish lifestyle magazine Divaani. Thank you Anu!

By the way, matteriashop is really worth to visit. I totally forgot about the time looking trough all the beautiful and clever products. Check it out:

Aug 9, 2010

This weekend I got the new 'Eltern' magazine from germany in my mail. Thanks for placing this huge picture of our owl!

b-guided (city guide Barcelona)

If your planning to visit beautiful Barcelona this summer, get inspired at Papeles Pentads Aribau. There You can find their own wallpaper / fabric brand Tres Tintas and of cause some cutouts from INKE.

Aug 5, 2010


Crikey! Inke's wallpaper silhouettes are featured on the fantastic Australian Days.Designed blog - thanks Sandra!!

Aug 4, 2010

Wallpaper tree at Lobke's nursery

Today we also received this great picture of Lobke & Carlo's nursery. (Wallpaper tree #2 september 066). Most people go for the multi-colored crowns, but here is a great example that subtlety goes a long way as well.

Thanks for letting us show this fantastic picture!

Guys, you are blocking the tree!

Great piece in the Norwegian paper Dagbladet about Thea (from En Gul Knapp) and her family-home (english translation here).

Tips for ecological nurseries at Immoweb

Belgium's leading real-estate website Immoweb features an article on ecological nurseries. We are very happy that they picked Inke's designs for this!

Allthough Inke never intended the wallpaper silhouettes to be a 'green' product, we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We find this important in our daily life and so this reflects naturally on the way we work here at the workshop.

For instance: All silhouettes are hand made locally. The silhouettes come with a pack of ecological wallpaper paste and a brush made from natural materials. Furthermore we use recycled paper and compostable plastics for packaging material.