Dec 23, 2010

Poly-Color @ Woonestetika

A wallpaper monkey 071 and baby elephant 023 were featured prominently last month in the Poly-Color stand at the Woonestetika fair in Genk, Belgium. Great Pic!

Dec 16, 2010

vt wonen december 2010

We are very surprised and proud to find a photo of an INKE wallpaper tree in the december edition
of the dutch interior magazine "vt wonen". The beautiful picture is taken in the sleeping room of Juliëtte.

Shown on the image is Wallpaper tree #1 April 074 (silver trunk).

Dec 14, 2010

Best. Video. Ever!

I can't stop watching this great video from Japan!

Arigato Masa and friends!!!

Marianne van Ooij @ MAD (NYC)

Every Tuesday until the end of February, Marianne van Ooij will be working on the 6th floor on dinnerware and digitally printed textiles at the Museum of Arts and Design as residential artist for the Open Studio Program.

This program is to give visitors a chance to get a behind-the-scenes view of the artistic practice, as well a to provide artists with a state-of-the-art studio where they will be actively working.

Follow Marianne's progress, as well of that of the other artists via the Museum blog.

Or better, stop by!

Dec 12, 2010

Awesome dollhouse wallpaper tree

This little piece of ingenuity was sent to us by Anna from Gaudete Kids (Helsinki).

Sunna, one of their clients, used some extra bits of the wallpaper to create this amazing little wallpaper tree for a dollhouse.

The life size wallpaper tree #1 doesn't look too bad in the "real" children's room either!

Proper respect to Sunna for this fantastic idea!

Dec 10, 2010

Guys, you are blocking the tree! II

We just received these pictures from the opening of Yellow Basket, Torino. What a turnout! Stay tuned for more pics...

Dec 5, 2010

Get your boots on: Sliet Landscape experience

Our dear friend Elly attended us to this great project - Sliet Landscape experience. For all you city dwellers who want to get in touch with their inner country-side, this is something for you.

Next event is december 11th - highly recommended!