Feb 25, 2010

Living and More, october 2009

Yesterday I got the "living and more" (D) in my mail.
I'll guess this is the third time, that they placed some of our wallpapers.
Always great!!!

Feb 24, 2010

Giraffe 069R + Branch& Leaves September 066L

Danielle and Stefan sent us this nice photo from their just finished nursery. Thanks!!

Shown here: Giraffe 069R and Branch + Leaves September 066L.

Feb 23, 2010

Marie Claire Maison, Italy

We had this fantastic publication in the Februari issue of Marie Claire Maison (Italian edition).
Shown here: Elephant 036 Left (pattern sold out unfortunately but on our site you can find many other nice alternatives).

Thank you Susan (Trend House) for sending us the Images!
Trend House
Via San Carlo 2
37016 Garda (VR)


These are some pictures I'd like to share:

KONSEPTI is one of the leading interior company in the high-end market segment of design furniture&accessories in Czech republic.
In the end of 2009 they launched there "concept store for kids" with a selection of furniture, accessories, toys, decoration and gifts from creative producers and designers from all around the world. We are proud, that they also chose our wallpaper to be part of it. From now on "Inke" is available also in Prague:

CZ 170 00 PRAHA 7

Feb 21, 2010

Problems with inke.nl -Updated

Again some troubles on the inke.nl website... seems we have exceeded the bandwidth limit. Of course it is nice that there are a lot of visitors checking in, but having an ISP who cuts the site without proper warning is definitely not. Hopefully they will get everything online again soon.

[UPDATED] Indeed, we had to buy some extra GB's to get everything running again and no customer support over the weekend. Nice way to do business!

Feb 18, 2010

Fun @ the bowling alley

This week we had our traditional bowling-competition with the ladies from the workshop. We had loads of fun! It is nice to spend some leisure time with the people who are working on the silhouettes...

A couple of years ago we'd never have thought that we would be having company trips so this makes us feel kind of proud and very grateful.

Cheers to Astrid with the high score of the day! :))


Einen wunderschönen guten Tag,
We just received the new LUNA.
This german (kids-) lifestyle magazine is one of my favorites.
So we are very happy, that they picked up our new bedroom linen we made in a collaboration with TAFTAN.
Danke Luna!

Feb 4, 2010

website problems! [updated]

Our website has been moved to a new server and of course this does not go without any problems. It looks like the orderform does not work properly but we are aware of the problem. Hope everything works fine again soon!

[UPDATE] Thanks to our hero Gerard, everything works again!

Feb 1, 2010

People often ask...

How can I remove the silhouettes later on, and can I reuse them in another room?

Because we use real (vintage) wallpaper, you can eventually remove the silhouettes the same way you would with ordinary wallpaper: By using steam and a damp sponge, the adhesive will dissolve again and the silhouette will come off.

Unfortunately (unless you are an art-restorator) you can probably not use the silhouette any more.