Feb 28, 2011

How it's made (And why it's so ... expensive)

Great exhibition starting next week at Dek 22, Rotterdam (organized by Duran/Vanderpoort) on how products from contemporary designers are being made and the reason they end up so expensive in the public's eye.

One of the designers featured there will be Marianne van Ooij, who is currently getting a lot of well deserved attention for her work.

(Warning: foul language ahead)

Feb 7, 2011

Wallpaper tree made a bit longer

Anna from Athens, Greece sent us this great picture of a Wallpaper Tree #1 Juni 066. What's special about this tree is that the trunk has been made a bit longer (we sent some additional 066 wallpaper for this). Nicely done!

Thanks for sharing, Anna!

Feb 3, 2011

Kiwi Magazine (US)

We just received this great editorial from Kiwi Magazine (USA), by April Hardwick featuring a wallpaper elephant - all made possible by our dear friends at Romp.

Shown here is a wallpaper Elephant 068L - and it's available online in the US via the Rompstore.