Jan 26, 2010

People often ask...

What's up with these vague color schemes with the wallpaper birds. Can't I just choose a pattern, like with all the other silhouettes?

For the birds we use far more (vintage) wallpapers than available for the other animal silhouettes. So to add a little surprise factor, you can choose from the color schemes Pink, Blue, Green, Orange - and recently - Brown.

Of course you can also state your preference for a particular pattern, but we cannot guarantee that these papers are available for the wallpaper birds.

Jan 25, 2010

Nice stuff from "Kukkia"

Saturday evening after the fair we had dinner in Amsterdam together with some friends we met at the kleine fabriek.

Masa (northernsky, Japan) gave us this beautifully made, wooden toys from Kukkia (Japan)

It was fun to talk to Kaz, the designer behind Kukkia. The wooden toys are made with so much love for details. My daughter is in love with her new jewelry...
I'll hope you had a good time in Europe Kaz!

Thank you Masa, it was fun meeting you again!

Jan 24, 2010


Way too cute! Thanks, Taryn for the pic!

Jan 22, 2010

California Baby

We love the way this Giraffe 0120 was placed on a magnetic chalkboard-coated wall at the brand new California Baby showroom in LA.

More fantastic pictures on their facebook page. Master paperhanger Jim did a great job with his secret recipe for wallpaper glue! (Of course the all-organic adhesive from AURO that comes with our silhouettes would have worked perfectly well).

California Baby makes safe and natural care products for your littlest one.

Jan 20, 2010

Super nice birds

Christine sent us these wonderful snapshots of wallpaper birds that flew home with her from London.

You should definitely check out her professional photography at christinebauer.com to really appreciate her outstanding work.

Thanks Christine!

Inke Bomb A!

I do not know what he's rapping about, but he's pretty fly for an Armenian guy!

Jan 18, 2010

People often ask...

Are the leaves exactly as shown on the inke.nl website?

Short answer: No :)

Because we use a lot of vintage wallpapers, the combinations that are shown can vary with each set we create. The overall effect of the selection will be the same, but each set is unique!

You can order the leaves as sets of 21 pieces of real (vintage) wallpapers in the color schemes:
April (pink/green)
Mei (colorful)
Juni (blue/green)
September (green mix)
Oktober (orange/green)

Adhesive included.

Jan 14, 2010

Wallpaper Lion on French TV

We made the French TV! Thanks to our good friend Audrey from Pouic Land for putting up a Lion 082 wallpaper silhouette on the 100% Mag show.

Too bad it looks like the link only works in France.

Little Whirl

Thanks T. for your kind review on your wonderful blog!

Kleine Fabriek 2010

Last weekend we were presenting the new bedroom linen collection at the Kleine Fabriektrade expo, together with our good friends from Taftan.

It was great to finally meet lots of our relations in real life - we want to thank everyone who came to visit our booth!