Aug 26, 2010

Kids Love Design

Our dear friends from Kids love Design placed this great picture of Wallpaper tree #2 on their blog.

Thanks and keep sending these great pictures in everyone :)

Aug 25, 2010

The Town Musicians of Bremen

We are very thrilled by this. Our first children's book, Illustrated by Inke.

The Town Musicians of Bremen is a well-known tale by the Brothers Grimm and dates from 1812. The story is about four brave animals that take control of their own destiny.

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel have spent all their years working and one day discover that they are no longer wanted. The animals decide to take control of their own destiny and travel to Bremen in the hope of becoming musicians. The journey is long and the friends become tired. But in the forest a new adventure awaits them.

An adventure that fortunately ends well!

Adapted from the original tale by The Brothers Grimm, Illustrated by Inke Heiland and retold by Carolien Vader

You can see (and buy) the Dutch version on the website of the publisher David & Goliat.

The English and German version (also the Dutch) are available soon at For pre-orders, you can send us an email.

Price: € 14,95 - for children between 4 and 9. Hardcover, 24 pages, FSC paper. ISBN: 978-94-6150-002-1

Aug 19, 2010

Closed for the weekend

This weekend is our traditional company trip, so emails will be answered a bit later than you are used to. Orders will be taken in production as usual so there will be no delays in shipping.

We'll be back Monday the 23rd!

Aug 18, 2010

Simply Soles = simply fantastic!

(Click to enlarge)

These fantastic pics just came in - they're from the Simply Soles store in Washington, USA.

Just wow!

What's nice to mention about this particular tree is that the stylist has added two extra branches (sold seprately) to make room for more shoes. And the effect looks really great. Well done Kassie & Team!!!

Aug 13, 2010

Divaani magazine

Anu from Matteriashop / Finland arranged this publication in the Finish lifestyle magazine Divaani. Thank you Anu!

By the way, matteriashop is really worth to visit. I totally forgot about the time looking trough all the beautiful and clever products. Check it out:

Aug 9, 2010

This weekend I got the new 'Eltern' magazine from germany in my mail. Thanks for placing this huge picture of our owl!

b-guided (city guide Barcelona)

If your planning to visit beautiful Barcelona this summer, get inspired at Papeles Pentads Aribau. There You can find their own wallpaper / fabric brand Tres Tintas and of cause some cutouts from INKE.

Aug 5, 2010


Crikey! Inke's wallpaper silhouettes are featured on the fantastic Australian Days.Designed blog - thanks Sandra!!

Aug 4, 2010

Wallpaper tree at Lobke's nursery

Today we also received this great picture of Lobke & Carlo's nursery. (Wallpaper tree #2 september 066). Most people go for the multi-colored crowns, but here is a great example that subtlety goes a long way as well.

Thanks for letting us show this fantastic picture!

Guys, you are blocking the tree!

Great piece in the Norwegian paper Dagbladet about Thea (from En Gul Knapp) and her family-home (english translation here).

Tips for ecological nurseries at Immoweb

Belgium's leading real-estate website Immoweb features an article on ecological nurseries. We are very happy that they picked Inke's designs for this!

Allthough Inke never intended the wallpaper silhouettes to be a 'green' product, we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We find this important in our daily life and so this reflects naturally on the way we work here at the workshop.

For instance: All silhouettes are hand made locally. The silhouettes come with a pack of ecological wallpaper paste and a brush made from natural materials. Furthermore we use recycled paper and compostable plastics for packaging material.