May 28, 2017

Great interior project at Apotheke Haarzopf, Essen Germany

We're very pleased to share these pictures from our friends from Engel & Helden... They took on the task of redecorating this pharmacy in Essen, Germany, and what a terrific job they did.

This project shows perfectly that by choosing the right accents you can totally transform the atmosphere of an interior. Where medical stuff can be quite intimidating for some children, Inke's colorful designs make it a bright and sparkly place.

For the windows, our studio created bespoke vinyl replicas of the wallpaper silhouettes:

Nice creative placement of the wallpaper tree too.


Waiting a while for your prescription isn't that bad with Inke's playhouses around.

A big thanks to the team of Engel & Helden for making this possible!