Mar 2, 2012

New Photos!

Over the last weeks, Inke has made some nice new pictures of her latest designs: The Dinosaurs (yes, they are finally coming!) and the special edition Wallpaper Tree, aptly named: Wallpaper Tree #1 special 188

Also shown here, the birdhouse lamp, and wall decal "Deer" in a vintage textile wallpaper.

Decal on the wall is "Brontosaurus" - In the front the "Stegosaurus" decal, which has been transformed into a school-board (a nice DIY-Project!)

Detail of the school-board Stego...

The wallpaper Deer and Dinosaur-decals are  - for the time being - exclusively available via the INKE-Retailers.

(Hi-res versions for press use are available at our Image bank - link provided at request)