Sep 27, 2011

Introducing: Horse, Foal, Deer and Fawn

Paard (Horse) 101L 150x136 cm € 74,80
We hope you like these new additions to the wallpaper menagerie as much as we do!

Veulen (Foal) 022R 85x92 cm € 48,70
Like all other INKE wallpaper animals, these hooved fellows can be cut out from many rare vintage and designer wallpapers, and come as a handy DIY-Kit, complete with ecological wallpaper paste and a brush.

Hert (Deer) 103L 135x146 cm € 74,80

You can order the silhouettes via an INKE reseller in your area.

Hertenjong (Fawn) 015L 75x80 cm € 48,70