Aug 25, 2010

The Town Musicians of Bremen

We are very thrilled by this. Our first children's book, Illustrated by Inke.

The Town Musicians of Bremen is a well-known tale by the Brothers Grimm and dates from 1812. The story is about four brave animals that take control of their own destiny.

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel have spent all their years working and one day discover that they are no longer wanted. The animals decide to take control of their own destiny and travel to Bremen in the hope of becoming musicians. The journey is long and the friends become tired. But in the forest a new adventure awaits them.

An adventure that fortunately ends well!

Adapted from the original tale by The Brothers Grimm, Illustrated by Inke Heiland and retold by Carolien Vader

You can see (and buy) the Dutch version on the website of the publisher David & Goliat.

The English and German version (also the Dutch) are available soon at For pre-orders, you can send us an email.

Price: € 14,95 - for children between 4 and 9. Hardcover, 24 pages, FSC paper. ISBN: 978-94-6150-002-1