Jun 24, 2013

Special Trees

Awesome to see the creative ideas people come up with. Just have a look at these pictures!

Glancing on the ceiling:
This one was sent in by the Wonderland-team from Casablanca; A nursery for twin boys with a wallpaper tree #2 special 188 placed on the ceiling:

Tucked in a corner:
Instead of placing one in the center of the wall, Mirella decided that a wallpaper tree could be perfectly placed in a corner as well. And we could not agree more, the result is great! 

Shown on the picture is a wallpaper Tree #1 April 126  (and not to forget, an original INKE Birdhouse lamp as well).

Petal to the metal:
And last but not least: This photo was sent in by Mirjam; She painted the trunk directly to the wall using metallic wall paint. The leaves are from the INKE collection and together they make a nice looking tree as well.